Thanks to an online petition on, Kraft Mac & Cheese will be making some slight changes in their classic recipe.

Kraft Mac & Cheese will no longer be making their product with artificial preservatives and synthetic colors. The classic dinner will now be colored with paprika, annatto, and turmeric instead. My main concern, as I'm sure is the concern of many, is - will it taste the same? I've been eating Kraft Mac & Cheese for my entire life, and I don't think I would be able to accept a change in the flavor. Luckily, Kraft is guaranteeing us that we won't notice any change in taste. They weren't willing to change it until they knew it would be EXACTLY the same. Phew!

They are already selling a product in the US that follows these guidelines called Kraft Mac & Cheese Boxed Shapes, in case you want to try it out before everything makes the switch.

Via ABC News