The latest developments on the Flood Warning for the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids show a model that affects many areas that were devestated in the 2008 flood.The City of Cedar Rapids held news conference on Thursday afternoon to discuss plans to deal with the threat of major flooding along the Cedar River this upcoming week.

The National Weather Service upgraded the forecast crest for the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids to 24.1-feet early next week. If that were to happen, significant portions of the city, including much of the downtown district, Czech Village and NewBo, would be at risk for significant flooding.

Volunteers are needed for sandbagging, and we encourage anyone willing to help to bring their own shovel to NewBo City Market throughout the weekend. Volunteers can park in Lot 44 on 2nd St SE.

As a result, the Baconfest event scheduled for Saturday at 10:00 a.m. has been postponed and New Bo Market will close Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that work can continue before flood waters arrive.

Cedar Rapids city leaders say they expect to open another sandbagging operation near the City Services Center in southwest Cedar Rapids as well.


[source: CBS2 News}