Leslie Jones is making it clear that she ain't afraid of no ghosts. Or a little criticism.

The trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot premiered last week and has caused a wave of criticism from all sides. After three days on YouTube, the trailer has 156k likes but 309k dislikes. Some of the backlash is coming from nostalgic pure Ghostbusters fans upset over the idea of a reboot of the beloved comedy franchise.

Others, however, have hit back suggesting that Leslie Jones' role (an MTA worker-turned-Ghostbuster) is an outdated, slightly racist stereotype of a street-wise minority figure joining a team of three white figures. Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Kristin Wiig round out the team of Ghostbusters, all of whom play scientists.

Jones went to Twitter to respond to critics, suggesting that people are reading more into the movie than they should.

The new team of Ghostbusters will invade theaters July 15, 2016.