We've all been sent astray by our GPS at one time or another, but you've hopefully never gotten advice as bad as these Linn County drivers.

The Mt. Vernon Police Department has issued a warning about drivers getting some very bad advice from their GPS. The photos show the "road" that the drivers are being told to turn onto. Obviously, it's very bad advice.

Mt Vernon Police Department via Facebook
Mt Vernon Police Department via Facebook

Mt. Vernon police say they have had multiple people call them saying they were stuck at Bryant Road between Bryant Park and Irish Lane. In each case, the post on the Mt. Vernon Police Department Facebook page says drivers told police their GPS told them to take the "road." As you can see from the pictures above, unless you're driving an off-road vehicle, you're not going to make it. Heck, some off-road vehicles would probably have problems navigating that thing.

Apparently, all the calls have come in in the last few weeks. Hopefully, the GPS devices will soon be updated to fix what's been a big problem for several drivers. In the meantime, tell your friends who aren't familiar with the area not to trust their GPS.

Have you been the victim of bad advice from your GPS that caused you a real problem? Tell us about it below.

Mt. Vernon Police Department via Facebook