County residents who make $7.25 an hour could soon be making more.

Ben Rogers, the Chairman of the Linn County Board of Supervisors rolled out a plan Monday that would raise the minimum wage in the county incrementally over the next three years. The increase would be a dollar a year, beginning January 1 of 2017. The minimum wage in Linn County would raise to $8.25 at that time. It would increase to $9.25 in 2018 and $10.25 in 2019.

Rogers believes the increases are a necessity. He shared his thoughts with the Gazette: "There are few things I feel are both a moral and economic imperative and that’s this. This ($7.25 an hour) is a poverty wage, this isn’t a livable wage. We’re not even close to there yet, but this is the first step to making it closer to a livable wage.”

Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett is on board with the increase to $8.25 next year but has reservations beyond that. He told the Cedar Rapids Gazette, "I disagree with the escalator. I personally think we should get together every year take in consideration the economic times, take in consideration the work force and labor shed." Rogers says the board could always revisit the ordinance, if necessary.

The Board of Supervisors will get together again this Wednesday. At that time, they could ask the county attorney to draft the ordinance. The Board wouldn't be able to approve it without three required readings.

If approved by the Linn County Board of Supervisors the ordinance can be accepted by individual cities in the county, they can make changes to it, or decide against it completely. Those decisions would be made by the city council of each city.

Thursday (8/18) night from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. a minimum wage forum will be held at Beems Auditorium at the Cedar Rapids Public Library at 450 Fifth Ave. SE. You're welcome and encouraged to attend.

What are your thoughts? Is the idea of an increase each year a good one? Is $10.25 an hour too much, or do you have a different idea? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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