Purpose has definitely underscored Justin Bieber's religious convictions, and it sounds like Little Mix might be the pop star's newest avowed disciples.

In an interview with ODE posted today (November 13), the ladies admit to being massive fans (Leigh-Anne Pinnock, in particular) and say meeting meeting him at a recent awards show was a near-holy experience.

"He said hello to us, then we did a little prayer with him," Jesy Nelson says.

"It was really sweet," Pinnock adds.

Still, there's a certain prince who doesn't seem to make quite the same impression, and Pinnock gets a little tripped up when she's asked if she's a little nervous to meet Harry...

"Harry who?" she asks before realizing there's a royal's reputation hanging in the balance. "Oh, Harry! I thought you meant Harry Styles."

Potentially meeting the queen, on the other hand? Now, that's a different story.

"What do you do when you meet her?" Nelson demands. "Is it a peck on the cheek? Is it one of them ones?" she asks before miming a curtsy.

And from the United Kingdom back Stateside, the ladies say there's one song from Get Weird they're excited to see catching on.

"A fan favorite, especially in America right now, is ['OMG']," Perrie Edwards says, noting the group haven't yet had a proper club song catch on. "I can't wait to do that one on tour."

Watch the full interview above, and tell us what you think of LM's latest album!

See behind-the-scenes action from Little Mix's livestream: