Mixers, in the words of Little Mix, "lemme see your hands, stand up and salute!" Little Mix revealed through a teasing tweet that their next single is officially ‘Salute,’ the opening and title track from their sophomore album.

The news was first dropped with a short video of the girls in a dance studio rehearsing a routine with ‘Salute’ playing from a speaker in the background.

If that wasn’t enough of a hint, they took to Twitter once again to officially confirm that "#SaluteIsTheNextLittleMixSingle!"

‘Salute’ is a girl-power song to its very core, bringing back the go-girls attitude emphasized by other classic girl bands like the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. The anthemic tune follows two previous singles, ‘Move’ and ‘Little Me,’ from the band’s second studio album.

‘Little Me’ is a narration of inner voices telling themselves to ‘speak up ... shout out ... be a bit prouder,’ encouraging the narrator to realize how beautiful and wonderful she actually is. ‘Salute’ contains similar messages of being proud, independent ladies -- and it’s unbelievably catchy on top of its empowering lyrics!

The former 'X Factor UK' winners are gearing up for their first headlining US tour in the fall, as well as their third studio album. The band’s move from their bubble-gum pop debut album ‘DNA’ to their more mature, cohesive follow-up ‘Salute’ is bound to be a good sign for their untitled third album. Little Mix is all about improvement. And girl power, of course!

Check out the video below to hear Little Mix’s ‘Salute.’