At 11 p.m. last Friday night, Alyssa Eve heard a loud pounding on her windows. Concerned, she called her mother and went outside only to see her car littered with hateful graffiti. According to KCRG, authorities believe this act may be a possible hate crime. I understand the use of the words "hate crime" being that Alyssa identifies as a transgendered woman and the word "possible" due to a lack of incriminating evidence, but this is a disgusting reality that violence and hatred towards the LGBT community manifests with such potency in 2016.

When I moved to Iowa from New York I was absolutely delighted to meet so many kind and giving people. I know given this situation the community I have become a part of will stand strong against acts like this. Alyssa could not have dealt with this in a more positive way. Along with her friends, she has decided to paint her car pink to participate in pride parades.

We're gonna take this hate and we're gonna turn it into a bunch of love," Eve stated.

If you have any information that could help the Linn County Sheriff's Office find who did this, give them a call at (319) 892-6100.


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