The Iowa State Fair is always a highlight of the summer.  From the junk food you shouldn't eat but can't avoid, to the rides, animals, exhibits, and the latest butter creation.  And the day is always completed by a concert.  However this year, it looks like we'll probably just skip it all, as apparently country is the only music people want to hear, which doesn't include me.

It struck me the other day that the Fair acts had probably been announced, so I jumped over to the State Fair page, and my jaw dropped.  There was not a single pop concert on the bill. 3 of the 5 shows so far this year are country acts.  3 of the 5 shows are also performers past their prime, like Alabama, Def Leppard, and Reba.  That's just not for me.

Why is it so hard to get a pop show anymore?  I get that the last couple of pop shows they lost quite a bit of money on, but we're talking Carly Rae Jepsen, The Wanted, and Big Time Rush, and Victoria Justice of recent years.  Those aren't top tier artists, so obviously demand was low.  The Fair seemed to do fine with Train and Maroon 5 who came a couple years ago. In fact, in  2011, the year Maroon 5 played, the fair had one of it's highest ticket selling years. It also helped place the fair at #6 on the 2012 list of top State Fairs by Forbes. But ever since then, it's been a steady slide.  So if the last time you had a major pop act you also had a major year, why not do it again?  After all, did you see who the Illinois State Fair had last year?  Pitbull one night, MKTO another night, and Robin Thicke with Magic! on a 3rd night.  Why can't we get that kind of caliber artist?

Granted, there's still some more acts to be named, so I'm hopeful.  But please, no more country. Maybe I'm just bitter because all we seem to get around here is country shows and old bands.  I'm still frustrated the Great Jones County Fair decided country was the only way to go this year. (Clearly they can afford a pop show there with the type of level of talent they book).  So I'll keep my fingers crossed for some kind of upper tier talent  to still be announced, and maybe save my summer with a Fair trip, though history says to not hold my breath.

Who would you most like to see?  Comment below.