Why brave the crowded streets of Times Square in New York for New Year's Eve when you can escape to St. Bart's on a yacht? While Carrie Underwood, Demi Lovato, and others rocked in the new year in NYC, Justin Bieber performed at Leonardo DiCaprio's private but star-studded Caribbean party, and Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were all hands (or lips) on deck.

Ever one to criticize the extravagance of the privileged classes, Lorde took to Instagram on Saturday (December 2) and posted a painting of a woman with a forlorn expression standing on a boat, paired with a lengthy caption that caused many of her followers to think she was starting the new year by throwing some shade at Styles and Jenner.

"[W]hen you scroll through your feed," the caption begins, "and all the pretty famous boys and girls are on yachts or in saint barth's and you're at home where it's raining and you've never even been on a holiday to another country before, never been to a tropical island let alone saint barth's and actually you aren't even sure if you're spelling saint barth's right."

Following fans' intense speculation, Lorde has since edited her original post to clarify her intentions, Billboard reports. "lol no 'shade' folks," the "Royals" singer insists. "[I]f i were on an island or in even nearish proximity to a yacht you would be hearing all the fuck about it just making fun of my own lameness."

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