Despite what certain One Direction fans may force themselves to believe, member Louis Tomlinson is a father now. Stylist Briana Jungwirth gave birth to their son last Friday (January 22) — and in case you need minimal proof that the baby is real, Louis has already been photographed doing his due diligence as a dad: Struggling to carry the base of a car seat.

Photos depict the new dad standing barefoot (???) on an L.A.-area street, gripping the seat in an attempt to secure it inside his car. You can check those pics out over at UK tabloid The Daily Mail.

There's still no official confirmation as to the newborn's name, though a report from The Sun indicates Louis and Briana named their kid Sydney Rain. Dissatisfied with this alleged name, the ever-creative One Direction fandom was quick to start its own rumor on Twitter, claiming the new parents had dubbed their child "Conchobar."

Meanwhile, some fans remain unconvinced that the baby exists at all — or, at the very least, that it shares Louis’ DNA -- despite direct confirmation from the singer himself. Shortly after his baby was born, Louis posted a series of tweets indicating his excitement over the birth:

To which One Direction fans -- particularly those who believe Louis has been embroiled in an intense and secret relationship with fellow bandmate Harry Styles for the past five years -- responded appropriately:

Still, there were plenty of supportive fans, too:

Louis first confirmed the news of his impending fatherhood back in August, during an interview on television show Good Morning America just a few weeks after PEOPLE first broke the news.

Do you think Louis named his son Sydney Rain? Is Conchobar a better alternative? Let us know your thoughts!

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