A man was shot in the head Saturday night, and that's where the questions start.

An unnamed man was drinking a beer on the Firehouse Bar and Grill's patio in Davenport Saturday evening, just before 9:30. Witnesses said a vehicle passed by when they heard a pop and smelled gunpowder when the man was injured.

When police got to Firehouse, 2006 Hickory Grove Road, the injured man was talking with medical personnel. He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, with unknown injuries.

An item, described as a "projectile," was found on the patio. Here's where this story gets really strange. Police reported it was not a bullet, nor were there shell casings found.

Liz Halsey told the Quad City-Times she heard it happen. She described it this way: “It sounded like a cap gun. I could smell the gunpowder. The man was just standing there. He was coherent the whole time.”

The Davenport Police Department continues to investigate. Any ideas what this could have been?

[via Quad City-Times]