The flooding situation in Johnson County is worsening, very quickly.  Jim Stiman of the US Army Corps of Engineers Rock Island District has notified officials that current projections may exceed 712 feet and go over the spillway as soon as July 9th or 10th.  The Reservoir has gone over the spillway only twice: in 1993 and 2008.

The current outflow at the Coralville Reservoir is 10,000 CFS (Cubic Feet Per Second)
Projected outflow at the Coralville Reservoir on July 2nd at 6pm will be: 15,000 CFS
Projected outflow at the Coralville Reservoir on July 3rd will be: 17,000 CFS
Projected outflow at the Coralville Reservoir after July 3rd will be: 20,000+ (fully open conduit)

Iowa City officials advise residents of the following neighborhoods to be on high alert for impact at 15,000 CFS:

  • South Gilbert Street
  • Normandy Drive
  • Rocky Shore Drive
  • Taft Speedway
  • Stevens Drive

Due to widespread area flooding, the Johnson County Board of Supervisors has issued a mandatory evacuation for these areas:

  • Izaak Walton Road SE
  • Camino Del Rio SE
  • Driftwood Lane SE
  • Ocean Boulevard SE
  • River Front Estates NE
  • 6979 and 6951 Tri County Bridge Road
  • Lola Lane SE
  • Sand Road South of 560th Street to Hwy 22
  • Winter Eagle Road SE
  • River Bend Road SE
  • Fountain Court SE

Natural gas and electricity is being turned off in all of the above areas.

Also, the Johnson County Sheriff's Office has imposed a boating ban in the following areas:  Iowa River, all creeks and streams and flooded areas that are South of or below the dam at the Coralville Reservoir.  This ban includes boating, canoeing, swimming, wading, or any other recreational use of the water in these areas.

This ban doesn't currently include the Coralville Lake, Lake MacBride, or the Cedar River in Johnson County.  However, this is subject to change.