If you think you're Chipotle's biggest fan... think again! Mark Rantal has eaten Chipotle everyday for lunch for over 100 days!

Mark, a graphic artist and improv comedian in Colorado Springs, says this all started by accident. He decided to eat Chipotle for lunch on a Monday, then again the next day, and then Wednesday went there AGAIN with a friend. After that he just kept going. He said, "Every time I hit a milestone it was very easy and convenient to imagine hitting the next."

On top of eating at the same place everyday, he also EATS the same thing everyday! His order is simple: a burrito bowl with white rice, pinto beans, fajitas, sofritas, mild salsa, corn, medium salsa, cheese, and lettuce, and a bag of chips with a water.

You would think that eating the same thing for lunch everyday would make you feel sick, but Mark says he feels great! He's gained 14 pounds, which he says he is happy about, and he says the staff really brightens his day.

Although I really appreciate burrito bowls, I don't think I could ever eat the same exact thing everyday. I could probably eat Taco Bell everyday, though, if I knew my health wouldn't suffer greatly.

What fast food place/restaurant could you eat every single day? Let us know in the comments!

[Via Eater]