If someone gave you the opportunity to live on Mars, would you take it? Think about it. You'd be one of the first humans living on the planet, ever. A whole planet to yourself, and a small group of others. Of course it'd come with a price as you never would be able to come back to Earth, and you'd never be able to contact your loved ones back here ever again. Now what do you think? More than 200,000 people said "Sign Me Up," and 3 of the over 600 finalists have been named.

In 2011, a group called MarsOne formed with plans to create the first permanent human settlement on Mars. Since April of 2103, they've been accepting applications. Their plan is to send the first crew of 4 up there in 2024, followed by four more people every 2 years.

My brother-in-law surprised us a couple months back revealing he had applied. It got the whole family thinking and asking questions as to why. Who would want to completely excommunicate themselves from the world and family they know?  But, it's in the name of science and exploration... so I kind of get it, although it's not for me.

It would take a special type of person though.  And here's three of the finalists we know of so far.  They put this film together explaining who they are, why they want to do this, and what they know they will be going through.  Best of luck to them.

My brother-in-law hasn't made the list yet, at least as far as we know.