Think I might have redeemed myself from the doldrums of the "Bad Parent Award" over the weekend.  Thanks to the craziness of life, we finally held my son's kids b-day party (only 1.5 months AFTER his actual birthday)!  But after the games we played, I think he didn't mind a bit.As I've said before, my son is obsessed with superheroes, of which Spiderman is his favorite.  And when it comes to planning kids party games, I'm pretty good at letting my imagination take over.  (Just ask my daughter about her "Pinkalicious Princess Party", "Rockstar Academy", or "3 Musketeers Recruitment" birthdays!)

Admittedly, I trolled the net for some of these, but seeing a pic is only half the battle when it comes to "nailing it".  (Unlike the many #Fails you see constantly.)  Take a look at the pics, and let me know what you think.  From the kiddos excitement, I think I did okay.

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    Human Web

    Great way to start the party, especially when all the kids don't really know each other, as they have to work as a team.  Have all kids make a circle, then put their left hand in a grab a random hand. The repeat with the right hand, but they must grab a different person's hand.  Now, they have to get untangled without letting go.  Lots of fun just watching them figure it out.

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    Web Crawler's Maze

    Grab a bunch of streamers, some masking or painter's tape, and go to town on a long hallway. (Just make sure you have everything you need from the end of the hallway, or be prepared to demonstrate... repeatedly!)

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    Web Slinger's Attack

    Gotta give credit to my daughter for the basic idea on this one.  Take a jump rope to use as your "web", then print out pics of a bunch of villians, and tape em on cups and soda cans.  For added skill, add water to the soda cans for some weight, making the challenge a little more difficult.  Then, place these around your yard for various skill levels.  With a flinging jump rope, make sure the other kids stand back.  Also, definitely an outside game.

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    Web Tag

    People at the dollar store looked at me weird when I bought a whole case of silly string.  When I explained it was for Spiderman tag... well, lets just say light bulbs went off, and you might want to buy silly string stock. The kids loved this.  One kid starts with silly string, and tries to tag the others by spraying em.  Once another gets "webbed", they grab a can, and play continues till one is left.  Everyone then turns in their cans, and play starts over.  Of course it only lasts a couple rounds till you let em go on a silly string free for all.

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    Web Shoot Challenge

    After presents are done, don't throw the paper away, especially if it's tissue paper.  Ball up numerous pieces, and string up a bunch of painters tape across a doorway to make a web.  Then kiddos take turn tossing the paper at the web to see who can get the most to stick.  Nice way to "reuse" what would normally just become trash.