Forget Miley Cyrus as Adult Baby, or Miley Cyrus as hair that's accumulated in your drain, or Miley Cyrus as naked ranch hand, or Miley Cyrus as a cloud of disposable income, or Miley Cyrus as a slice of pepperoni pizza: Miley Cyrus' new, most daring look is "A casserole we didn't completely finish the other night." Where does she end and artistry begin!

Miley, who will wrap up her Milky Milky Milk tour this week in Los Angeles, appears on two tandem covers of Lebanon's Plastik arts and fashion magazine, released yesterday (December 16). And in one version above, her Saran Wrap cocoon ensures she'll stay fresh for the next week or so; maybe a month, if you ultimately decide to freeze her. Gone with you, Thanksgiving's discarded stuffing and cranberry sauce!

"Devil without a cause I'm going plastik!" she captioned the image in a corresponding Facebook post.

Vijat Mohindra, Plastik Magazine

Version Two finds Miley with matching dessert-themed pasties and eye patch. Her trio of cover-ups is decorated in chocolate sauce, rainbow sprinkles and spiky fruit that looks like it could be used as weaponry. "Cherry on top" has suddenly assumed an entirely different interpretation...

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