Everyone's favorite blocky, open-world sandbox is getting a Hollywood overhaul.

Deadline reports that Minecraft is going to be made into a full-length feature. Given the widespread popularity of the game over the past few years, this should be no surprise. On top of this report, Markus Persson, owner of the Mojang studios and one of the creators of Minecraft, has formally announced on his twitter that a film is indeed in the works.

Minecraft's feature film is allegedly going to be produced by Roy Lee (executive producer of hit films such as 'The Departed,' 'The Ring' and 'The Lego Movie'). The film would most likely adhere to a full CGI-style of design, similar to 'The Lego Movie,' unless there is some sort of real-world aspect being applied to the movie's story.

Minecraft has been on the gaming world's radar since its well-received beta was debuted in 2009, but it became a household name after its official release in 2011. It revolves around a virtual world in which players can craft things out of blocks, however they see fit.

Given Minecraft's 100+ million users, it's safe to say that a pre-existing audience for its feature film has been well-established by this point. Then again, the 'Super Mario Bros.' film had an even greater following and look at how that turned out. Hopefully, the 'Warcraft' and 'Need for Speed' films will raise the bar for video game-based movies to get us hyped up for the Minecraft movie.