MKTO are the voice of a generation in their new video for 'American Dream.'

The duo, comprised of Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller, look at images of the cliche "ideal" life (we're talking palm trees and white picket fences here) and ask "What happened to the American Dream?"

The visual kicks off with the command to "Do something with your life!" Over the course of the song, the camera switches from shots of Malcolm and Tony performing to narratives of young adults setting out to achieve their own American dreams.

A dancer, a musician, an athlete, an artist and more work to reach their ultimate goals, even when it's clear they're up against a lot of challenges. Don't worry, the guys make sure things positive. Their upbeat vocals and music keep the song from veering into the angsty territory. Rather, it's an honest reflection of the pressure facing youth in American today.

Check out the MKTO's 'American Dream' video above!