While flowers and a meal are very nice Mother's Day gifts, they are not necessarily what mom is hoping to get this year.

According to a new survey, moms would most like to get a gift card or even a spa day this Mother's Day. Aside from physical gifts, many moms would also like a little help around the house. 33% wish for help with cleaning, 20% with cooking, and 14% with taking care of the kids. And we all know how sappy moms can be! 58% of moms would most like to receive something sentimental.

I typically like to plan a day out with my mom as a Mother's Day gift, but now that I live in Iowa, that's a little tricky. I might have to do what I did last year and get her a gift card to get a massage! Moms love massages!

What's your #1 go-to Mother's Day gift? Share yours below!

Also, don't forget about Mother's Day next Sunday the 10th!