I was raised to understand that there's two sides to every story, and it's something I try to teach my kids. However, so many of us are so quick to judge everything before hearing both sides. We come across it everyday, and it often leads to bullying. Such was the case in the Maine Diner story, where the owner lost patience with a 'screaming child' and yelled at 'it'. The mother is finally sharing her side, and it might clarify things.

I'm guessing by now you've made your decision on who was right and who was wrong in the situation.  As we reported the other day, one of the morning talk shows got an overwhelming opinion that the owner was justified.  The story and situation seemed pretty obvious as to what was going on. Both sides were being attacked left and right, and the mother was being harshly judged (as was the Diner owner). However, as a parent, when someone attacks your parenting skills, and calls your child and "demon" and "it", it's just not going to sit well.

Now the mom, Tara Carson, has written an article about her experience, which has been published in the Washington Post. In it, we get a very different picture of what went on from her point of view. It's also very surprisingly pleasant. She could be extremely rude and defensive calling out the owner, but she really doesn't go that route. She simply presents her side of the story, defending her actions.

She says that they were on vacation, and encountered a 30 minute wait for a table, which they anticipated. They then waited for what she said was 40 minutes for their food to arrive. Any parent knows this kind of waiting is not going to sit well with an almost 2 year old. She admits her child got a bit fussy, but she claims it was by no means over the top, and the other patrons didn't seem to mind. She also says once the food did arrive, they decided to eat quickly to get out before their daughter got worse. Shortly after, she admits the owner brought over take out boxes and more or less said they should leave.  However, they decided not to, as she continued to feed her daughter, who was continuing to be fussy.  And that's the point where the owner lost it.

Surprisingly, the story is not too much different from the Diner owner's.  The mom does admit their child was fussy, and also admits they didn't leave when the owner asked them to.  And, since it was so busy, it's safe to assume the owner had little patience at this point, and the crying child more than likely was the 'icing on the cake'.

I can't say this has changed my opinion much, but at least it presents a clear picture of what happened. I curious to know however if your opinion has changed. Right or wrong, we've all lost our cool and done things we shouldn't. Both sides had their faults.

What's your take? Comment below.

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