The theme park's newest thrill ride got stuck at the top of a 133-foot hill on Sunday. Adventureland says it's worked perfectly. Huh?

Here's what it looked like just before noon Sunday:

That's a spot you DO NOT want to be in. However, Adventureland says the ride worked as it should. Here's the official word from Adventureland spokesperson Molly Vincent, via a statement:

Even though Adventureland is in Altoona, you'd have heard me screaming bloody murder here in Cedar Rapids if I'd have been stuck up there. However, I'm sure the actual riders (I don't do roller coasters, my heart would go out on the first drop) handled it very well. During the stoppage, the Des Moines Register says Adventureland workers did communicate with them via a speaker system. After changing the programming for the ride, the Monster was off and running for the remainder of the day.

The ride was closed for maintenance earlier this month, which was unrelated to what happened yesterday. Iowa roller coaster lovers have been flocking to the new ride. During its opening weekend, June 4 and 5, WHO reports The Monster welcomed 10,000 riders.

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