Summer is here and so is grilling season! Here are five of the BEST tips you'll ever read about what makes a great BBQ and Grill Master.

Patience - it takes a long time to properly BBQ a good rack of ribs. Don't rush or you end up with a tough chew or worse, an under cooked slab that could seriously kill you. For ribs try using two techniques depending on summer or winter season. You can precook by boiling your slab for two hours on the stove top, or slow roast at low temperature (200) in the oven for 4-6 hours before putting them on the grill to brown them up. Yes, it may seem counter to the "image" of BBQ, but the "cook-time" on the grill is a lot less than you might expect. Consider the grill the "finishing touch" and one of the final steps.

Choice of Meat - Pork baby back ribs are the way to go. If you do chicken, it's best to remove the skin from fatty pieces like the thighs. Don't remove skin from drumsticks or wings, but you can occasionally strip the skin from chicken breasts as a way to reduce calories.

The Sauce - Oh, baby. this is where it gets good. Start by sprinkling you cuts with your favorite seasoning for flavoring when they first hit the grill. Then add a special blend of your favorite BBQ sauce with a shot of hot sauce, liquid smoke flavoring and a squirt of soy sauce.

The Perfect Sides - Try a sweet slaw, potato salad and baked beans. Corn on the cob, tomato/basil mozzarella salad and watermelon for dessert.

My Secret Confession - As much as you may enjoy BBQ preparation, cooking and grilling, you've got to admit that going to a great rib festival is hands down the easiest way to enjoy some summer BBQ. If you agree, you'll definitely be looking forward to the BBQ Round Up June 23-26 at McGrath Amphitheater.

Happy eating!