The National Toy Hall of Fame began recognizing toys in 1998. In order for a toy to get in the hall, it had to spend decades keep kids occupied and having fun. This year's class of three toys has finally been announced.

I love the fact that the hall often will put in 'old fashioned' items. This year is no different with the inclusion of The Swing! What child hasn't loved swinging through the air at a park or in their own backyard. I remember the tire swing we had on a huge oak tree in our backyard. It was huge!

Also getting into the hall this year is the classic role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons! The game that was first published in 1974, was the model for all role-playing games that would be released in the future.

And finally, Fischer Price Little People are the final inductee in this year's class. Who didn't have some Little People to play with when they were growing up? I had the farm set and others. My kids even grew up with Little People!

Congrats to all of this year's toys! You can check out ALL the toys in the National Toy Hall of Fame HERE.