There's been a lot of mixed reviews of those live TV musicals NBC has been putting on, but that's not stopping NBC from presenting two more!

So far, NBC has done The Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood, and Peter Pan starring Allison Williams. While The Sound of Music did well with ratings, Peter Pan did not-so-great. If social media is any indication, many people watched the performance, but didn't really enjoy it. Now NBC has secured the rights to The Wiz and The Music Man. Neither show has a scheduled release date, yet.

Fox is also jumping onboard the live musical bandwagon, with their first production Grease. Julianne Hough is scheduled to play Sandy and Vanessa Hudgens will be Rizzo. That won't be happening until January of NEXT year.

How to you feel about these live TV musicals? Love em or hate em?