Just when you thought a home was going to be built in Iowa City that looked like Kinnick Stadium, neighbors say 'not so fast.'

Residents who live in the neighborhood, known as Manville Heights, are going to court to try to stop construction of the nearly 7,500 square foot house. This follows an Iowa City Board of Adjustment decision last month that would allow construction of the home. The vote was 2-2, with board member Connie Goeb removing herself from the vote after publicly speaking against it during the summer. Neighbors of Manville Heights Association filed a lawsuit in district court last Wednesday, October 5, to try to stop construction.

The home would be built at 101 Lusk Avenue, but the suit says officials of Iowa City made a mistake issuing the building permit and that it shouldn't be considered a single-family residence. The suit also says it doesn't comply with the International Fire Code.

Reed and Sandy Carlson of Decorah want to build the house. They say the building would be used for tailgating during football season. Neighbors believe the home would be more used more for entertainment, as opposed to a residence. The five-bedroom home would also have an open courtyard, basketball court, and exercise room, in addition to a kitchen family room, and home theater.

Iowa City lawyer Jim Larew is representing the plaintiffs in the case who are all own property next to 101 Lusk Avenue, or close by. They are Craig Syrop and Anne Sadler, Bill and Karen Ackerman, Bradley and Catherine Erickson and Anne Lahey.

You can learn more about the home and dispute below. Please note: The video is best viewed in full-screen mode.

[via Iowa City Press-Citizen]