Each week, we'll be giving you a new song that we believe has the potential to be great, but it really all comes down to what you, our biggest fan, has to say about them. Easy enough, right?

This week we are giving you the new track from Ariana Grande, "Dangerous Woman".

We know what you are thinking, another Ariana Grande song already? Does she ever take a break? Who knows, but we are kind of digging the new song. You might have heard it already since she performed it earlier this week on SNL. Not only was she the musical guest for the night, but she also hosted the show! However, if you did miss her performance, then you only really missed her deciding whether or not to keep her jacket on. (You can watch it below.) But besides that distraction, her performance blew us away. This new song really shows her strengths as a singer. So what do you guys think? Do you like this new track from Ariana or do you think it was a dangerous mistake?

Check out the SNL performance and vote below.