If there's one thing eastern Iowa could always use, it's a new restaurant. And hopefully the new year will bring some new food! Iowans just love grub too much for there not to be an abundance of options for us to sink our teeth into.

A couple new places did come our way this year. Recently, we discovered that a local spot is making it's way to the northeast side of Cedar Rapids, and Zombie Burger sprouted new locations in Coralville and Iowa City! But, we can't just stop there. There are still tons of restaurants that we would like to see pop up in the new year.

Here are a few we've come up with in the poll below. Vote for which one you would like to see, or if none of these suit your taste, submit your own answer!

Wait! We can't let the restaurants have all of the fun. What retailers would you like to see come to our neck of the woods in 2017?

Now, let's hope our wishes come true because we're already getting cravings.