Licenses aren't just for people anymore! Now your dog, cat, goat, or whatever kind of pet you have can get one. Well, sort of. It may not be a state issued ID, but it does look like an Iowa license!

License: TagsForHope  Dog: Thinkstock

You're probably thinking, how is an animal going to hold a card? They aren't. The card is like a regular collar tag and you can choose between regular and small tags, based on the size of your pet. You can also personalize the information you want displayed (address, phone number, etc.) and put information on the back about your pet's health, behavior, food allergies, or even their microchip number in case they get lost.


TagsForHope is the site you can order these from and according to the website, proceeds from each tag purchase will help provide food, treatment and shelter for animals in need. This organization supports over 200 different shelters. Not only does the money go to a good cause, but it's made out of durable material so it will last a long time. And if it doesn't, it comes with a free lifetime warranty so they'll replace it for no cost! Oh, and they're made right here in the good ol' U. S. of A.

Whether you're looking out for your pet's safety or are in need of a new tag, you've got to admit this is pretty darn adorable.