On June 12th, it was 25 years ago that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were muredered.

Today, on June 17th, it is the 25 year anniversary of the infamous "OJ Simpson-White Bronco chase".

This weekend, OJ Simpson blew up Twitter by signing on for the first time The_RealOJ32.

Everyone familiar with this radio show knows the significance of OJ Simpson to the history of our program.  The fact the OJ Simpson is going to use Twitter because he has some "gettin' even to do", to give his advice on fantasy football and share his political opinion makes me so happy.

OJ Simpson did not disappoint with his first 3 videos.  I am 100% positive that OJ is going to slip up and admit to the 1994 double murders at some point.

"Hello Twitter world...."

OJ is learning new things and wants to share some of his thoughts.  Including political thoughts.  Although he can't vote.

And finally, he gives a Father's Day message and denies he is Khole Kardashian's father.  What a world we live in.

Tune in daily to Don't Hassle Us We're Local to look back at OJ Simpson tweets.



Today, June 18th, OJ decided to tweet about fantasy football.  Do you think these guys want to be tagged in his post?



** UPDATED ** 6/19/19

OJ is sharing life advice he has received to his followers Twitter.

Also, The Juice has figured out how to block people.  He blocked a friend of the show.


OJ is welcoming former rugby superstar, Christian Wade, to the Bills.

If Wade did not respond with, "Who the f*%k is OJ Simpson?", I would be shocked.