Sometimes a business closing really surprises you. This is one of those times. All the wonderful goodness of Cold Stone Creamery is now just a memory, for the west side of Cedar Rapids. This is how it looked not that long ago at 2210 Edgewood Road SW, next to Cricket Wireless.

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This is how it looks today.


While Cold Stone says goodbye, there's a wonderful sight nearby. After much back-and-forth over the last couple years about exactly what was going to happen with Gander Outdoors, look at the outside of the former Gander Mountain location in Cedar Rapids today. Yes, they're preparing to open, this month, at 2140 Edgewood Road SW. However, there was a sign on the door today that said "Now Open."


There's no word on an official opening date, but as you can tell from the video and photos below, things are progressing very quickly. Gander Outdoors may still be looking for employees. Last week, they posted on their Facebook page that they were hiring, with a starting wage of $12.25 per hour.