One Direction must be desperate for their new album to be out already, because the group continues to release individual songs off Made in the A.M., even though it'll be released on Friday (November 13).

Their latest offering, titled "Love You Goodbye," is a power ballad of a breakup song complete with sweeping strings, a whining guitar riff and a chorus full of innuendo: "Oh, why you wearing that to walk out of my life / Even though it's over you should stay tonight / If tomorrow you won't be mine / Won't you give it to me one last time."

Member Louis Tomlinson spoke about the meaning of the song in a video posted to the group's Twitter. "'Love You Goodbye’ is probably the most personal [song] to me," he said. "It was one of those moments that, when the song was starting to come together, you felt a real excitement for it. I remember us sitting together in that room and it coming together. Just the idea of the song is interesting to me. Everybody has that time after a break-up that you do have to see your ex again, and it's kind of about that. I think we’ve been waiting for that kind of song, really."

He continued, "It would be a good one to perform, that’s for sure," though One Direction has no intention of touring their fifth album and is set to begin their extended hiatus any day now.

Listen to "Love You Goodbye" above.

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