...and one of those cities in right here in Iowa!

Stephen Maturen, Getty Images

A study was done on the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the country to find out which of those cities had the trifecta of excellence: affordability, a strong economy, and good quality of life. Not surprisingly, only three cities fit all three criteria. What WAS surprising is that all three cities are in the Midwest. Those three cities are:

  1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  2. Omaha, Nebraska
  3. Des Moines, Iowa

There were a few other cities that ALMOST made the list, but only had two out of three qualifications. For example, Boise and Seattle both have quality of life and economic strength, but didn't make the cut for affordability. Cincinnati did have affordability, and also quality of life, but not economic strength. I'm just happy to see that Des Moines is getting some good recognition! Take that, all you Iowa-haters! :)

[Via Gizmodo]