If your kids like to leave their Legos laying around and you've experienced the agony of accidentally stepping on one, there's a product in the works just for you!

Few toys in this world hurt worse than a Lego to the foot... we've all been there! And if you haven't, consider yourself seriously lucky. Lego has heard your literal cries for help, and they have manufactured a solution... slippers!

These aren't just any slippers, they are anti-Lego slippers! The slippers are square so they are interchangeable and easy to slip on, and they are equipped with a very large amount of padding so you can survive even the largest of Legos!

So where can you get a pair of these slippers? Well... that's the tricky part. Only 1,500 pairs were produced, and you have to win them by filling out a Christmas Wish List on the Lego France website. If you're fluent in French, this should be no problem...

The good news is that this might inspire someone else to start manufacturing this much needed product! Parents, would you buy a pair of these?

[Via CNET]