Earlier this year, Burlington, IA was the location of a daytime UFO sighting that is still baffling local residents and experts.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, the encounter on January 29, 2018 was captured in photographs by an aircraft pilot who observed and documented two unidentified flying objects ascending into the sky at a high rate of speed with enough thrust and velocity to leave dual contrails.

The pilot says he saw two shiny cylinders at 10,000 feet leaving the earth's atmosphere.

photo courtesy: UFO Sighting Daily
photo courtesy: UFO Sighting Daily

Not surprisingly, on the same day this UFO was sighted by a trained pilot, some in Pella, IA reported this UFO sighting at the National UFO Reporting Center website.

1/29/18 03:00PellaIACircle Was a bright ball of light that just hovering for a good few hours and then as it got darker it changed from bright to an Orange red

These days with more and more drones taking to the skies, many people seem unimpressed with any news of a possible UFO sighting. That is until it happens to them.

A real encounter of any kind with an unexplained mystery, UFO or creature is likely to cause one to question their own sanity. The next thing that usually occurs is a desire to remain quiet for fear of being branded as a "crackpot"

If you have ever seen a UFO, and would like to report it you can do so here on the National UFO Reporting Center website. You can even remain anonymous if you prefer.

Whether you believe in extra terrestrials or not, it is true that most people admit to a belief that we are not alone in the universe.

Perhaps this is one of those instances where a close encounter was attempted, and then aborted. Who knows if and when the next encounter may be more revealing.

[source: UFO Sightings Daily]