One city in Massachusetts has received 111-inches of snow. Knowing that, these photos from the east coast are a little less astounding. Still... WOW.

A normally beautiful view, I'm sure. Now, just snow and a lot of it.

Still, they keep their sense of humor. Somehow.

Forget trying to drive the streets. Imagine just trying to navigate the sidewalks.

In Boston, all that snow has to go somewhere. Any mountain range would be proud of that pile.

Incredible... just incredible. While they continue to deal with the snow, we'll have to keep bundling up. The warmest temperature forecast for Cedar Rapids in the next seven days is 26 degrees. The good news? Our normal high by Tuesday the 24th is 36 degrees. We're expecting to be in the mid-20's that day. Warmer temperatures can't be that far off... I just hope we keep these mammoth snowstorms away from us until then.

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