A new episode of 'Pretty Little Liars' is almost upon us, but there's still more to unpack about the upcoming episode 'Close Encounters' (4x16) based on the recently released Canadian promo.

While the American version mentions the return of Ali, the Canadian promo gives us a little more to work with and confirms that she, as well as returning character Shana, will be in the episode.

First up is Shana, who seems to know that Alison is alive -- although probably not well -- and wants to speak to Emily. Even better, we get to see Alison in the flesh! No assuming required.

If your memory needs jogging, Shana used to work at the Rosewood Halloween Spooktacular Store, had ties to Jenna and dated Emily's girlfriend Paige briefly while Emily was in Haiti.

In addition to the Emily/Ali meeting, Aria is dealing with Jake's suspicions that Ezra may not be what he seems (although she is pretty sure he's completely harmless), Spencer gets on her father's bad side over something she discovers and Ali goes missing just as soon as she returned.

You can catch 'Close Encounters' tonight (Jan. 21) at 8PM ET on ABC Family!