Ray Lewis was a long-time member of the Baltimore Ravens football team and he is an angry man today, seeing what the Baltimore riots are doing to his city.

Ray's speech to those rioting is both passionate and pleading... he's seen enough. If the riots were happening in Cedar Rapids, I'm sure we'd absolutely feel the same way. Rice made the speech just hours before major league baseball announced that the Baltimore Orioles Wednesday afternoon home game against the Chicago White Sox will be closed to the public. This follows the postponement of games yesterday and today. A major league baseball source says the game being closed to the public is a first, in the history of the league.

Let's hope the rioters listen... and the authorities continue to work toward justice for every person involved in the events that have led the city to this point.

I've got a message for the rioters in Baltimore. #BaltimoreRiots

Posted by Ray Lewis on Tuesday, April 28, 2015