There have been several reports of UFO Sightings in Eastern Iowa in just the past few months. Some cases date back a few years, but they all have one thing in common: they mostly remain unsolved mysteries.

Some of these sightings have logical explanations (northern lights, meteor showers, aircraft, low-flying drones, etc.) But some cases remain unresolved, leading us to ask more questions. Do you believe we are not alone? Do you believe in UFO's?

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These sightings come from the National UFO Reporting Center  which holds a detailed repository of UFO sightings from around the country, as reported state-by-state. Each report is user-submitted with details of date and time, location, and description of what was seen. It is a fascinating study to review on a regular basis.

(via National UFO Reporting Center)

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    Batavia- May 5, 2016:

    Batavia, IA - May 5, 2016: One of the most recent Iowa UFO sightings, it describes a round craft with a bright white light in the center and several lights around the outside edge.

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    Waterloo - April 21, 2016:

    Waterloo - April 21, 2016: This one is a bit freaky...The person reporting it saw 15-25 silvery greenish figures flying around the sky. then the lights simply vanished.

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    Ossian- April 15, 2016:

    Ossian - April 15, 2016: A farmer witnessed a large, bright green object, with a tail, streak across the sky  in southern Winneshiek County.

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    Muscatine - April 12, 2016

    Muscatine - April 12, 2016: Over a period of 10 minutes a witness reports five objects moving in a formation that resembled the number eight.

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    Cedar Rapids - March 5, 2016:

    Cedar Rapids - March 5, 2016: A report of five bright light flashes in a different areas of the clear sky.


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    Cedar Falls- September 29, 2015

    Cedar Falls - Sept. 29, 2015: Another report of a crescent shaped metallic "boomerang" object that silently traversed the evening sky.

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    Cedar Rapids - September 28, 2015:

    Cedar Rapids - September 28, 2015: This person witnessed a blue light hovering about 200 yards above the ground, that moved slowly at first. The light glowed from blue to bright white for a few seconds and then suddenly disappeared.

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    Cedar Rapids - December 25, 2014

    Cedar Rapids - December 25, 2014: This one is very peculiar. A white wingless cylinder with no contrail moving slowly and steadily along a straight flight path due west.

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    Cedar Falls- October 9, 2014:

    Cedar Falls - October 9, 2014: Strange! Witnesses report a triangle shaped flying object with flashing red lights that alternated with turquoise blue when it slowed down. It flew was like it was “mapping” the sky!

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    Cedar Rapids - September 7, 2014:

    Cedar Rapids - September 7, 2014: This one gives me the spooks! This report of a crescent-shaped metallic object that "absorbed" a dense white cloud in just a matter of seconds. It only lasted about a minute, and it took place in a completely blue sky.

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