Food Network anonymously surveyed chefs across the country to find out all their little secrets. From tipping, to wine, to bread baskets, here are some things you may not know when you go out to eat.

  1. Chefs come to work sick - Like a lot of us, chefs will come to work sick or injured. It actually takes a lot to make a chef miss work. Some have even come back to work after stopping at the hospital for stitches. Talk about dedication!
  2. Your bread may be recycled - Several chefs admitted that sometimes uneaten bread from one basket goes right into another basket and onto another table. Let's hope that whoever stuck their hands in that last basket had clean fingers! Ew!
  3. 20% is a fair tip - UNLESS you had bad service, most chefs say that a 20% tip is appropriate. If you had terrible service, 90% of the chefs surveyed say it's ok to reduce that number.
  4. 25% of the chefs surveyed use the "5 second rule" - That's right... your food could've been dropped on the floor before it was served. You've been warned!
  5. The wine is much pricier - Most of the chefs admitted that the wine in their restaurant costs 2.5 times more than if you bought it in a store.
  6. Over 75% of chefs say they use items that they saw on other restaurant's menus.
  7. Don't order fish on Sunday - Many chefs said they don't get fresh deliveries on Sundays...
  8. Chefs are not fans of picky eaters - Over 60% of chefs think substitutions are really annoying.
  9. Vegetarians: be careful - 15% of the chefs surveyed say that their "vegetarian" dishes may not be entirely vegetarian.
  10. Roaches in the kitchen are pretty common - 75% of the chefs said that they've seen a cockroach in the kitchen... but that doesn't mean the chefs think the kitchens aren't clean. 85% of them rated their kitchen an 8 or higher in cleanliness (on a scale of 1-10).

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