The story of 8 yr old Sa'Fyre Terry has been one of the biggest feel good stories of the season, and it just got better.  You may recall her story from last week: the New York girl who lost her family in an arson fire, and is covered with burns on over 75% of her body.  She had but one wish, which was to get enough cards to decorate her tree.  And the cards came.  More than 300,000 cards and letter flooded her mailbox.  On one day alone, she received over 195,000 cards and letters, along with 3000 packages.  One of those packages was from a boy in Hong Kong who sent his favorite teddy bear, along with a note saying "Let's be friends."  It was more than she could ask for, and they decided to send it back to him, with a friend in the box with it, so the bear "wouldn't get lonely on the return trip."  But then, something else showed up.

It's the time of year that inspires us all to do a little bit more, and that's exactly what one non-profit has done.  The group Baking Memories 4 Kids surprised Sa'fyre, her aunt and uncle (who are now her guardians), and her 4 cousins with a trip to Disney World. It's more than she could have ever asked for.  And the cards continue to come is as well.

Whether you sent a card to Sa'Fyre (maybe even Whitney) or not, we at least hope you've enjoyed hearing the good coming out of these stories, and maybe even found some inspiration.  With the headlines that came out of 2015, it's sure nice to close the year with such great stories of goodwill.

[VIA ABC News]