Sometimes you just have to be brutally honest.  Unfortunately this is one of em.  I was so, so, so excited to stumble into the living room and hear that Naughty Boy and Sam Smith were about to perform on the "Today" show this morning.  That song is one of my favs right now! So I waited for what seemed like hours for it.They talked to Naughty Boy who explained the video a bit, as an updated, surreal Wizard of Oz.  At least that makes some sense out of a strange, strange video (below).  However, when it came time to perform, well, I was taken aback a bit.  Don't get me wrong: Sam Smith is an AMAZING, AWESOME singer.  But, not all great singers know how to perform for an audience.  He just kinda stood there, awkwardly.  I know on SNL, that's what he did, and should have been expected as they were ballads!  But for this song, I guess I figured he'd be more connected/involved.

Would that stop me from buying his music?  No!  From seeing him in concert?  Totally depends on the venue.  Somewhere like the Paramount, I'd be game.  But a larger concert event, I'd probably use his set to get another drink, hit the facilities, and take a break.

Agree? Disagree?  Let me know below!