Good news i107-1 listeners. We now have our own app! No need to worry if you're not next to a radio, because now you can stream the station that gives you 'All The Hits' anytime and place straight from your phone!

No only can you listen live, but it also has tons of other cool features that allow you to do things such as:
• Push notifications for breaking news, weather, contests, shows and more.
• Stream music, weather and traffic updates live from i1071 Radio.
• Read the latest news, watch videos, view photo galleries & listen to audio content.
• Submit Photos/Videos directly from the app!
• Apple CarPlay & Android Auto modes let you to stay focused on the road while listening
• Get the latest weather for your area plus a 5 day forecast

And that's just to name a few! You can explore everything the i107-1 app has to offer and connect with us instantly by downloading it today.

The best part about the new app is that it's FREE! It's super easy to download and navigate. Just search i107-1 in your app store or follow the downloading instructions HERE.