Early this morning, a fire ravaged the Motel 6 on the SW side, causing smoke and fire damage, although no one was hurt from the result of the fire. The fire crew arrived on the scene around 1 this morning for a medical call, when flames were noticed shooting from the roof of the south wing of the motel at 3325 Southgate Court SW.  The building was quickly evacuated, and crews were able to contain the fire from massive spreading. However, the damage is extensive to that wing of the motel. An investigation as to what caused the fire is underway.

There have been reports that the initial medical call may have been for a reported stab wound victim in the lobby at 1 am, who also may have suggested a mattress was on fire in their room, but that is yet unconfirmed, and unknown if this may have caused the larger fire.

This was the second fire on the SW side this weekend, causing yet another business to shut down for some time. Early Saturday, a fire was reported at Jersey's Pub and Grub on C Street SW. Luckily no one was hurt there as well, but the business will be closed at least for the next month.