Kids, don't let anybody tell you those clips you post to YouTube are efforts in futility: Sia found her latest video superstar after spending about five minutes on the site.

In a behind-the-scenes clip from the "Alive" music video shoot above, the "Bird Set Free" singer, who made a superstar out of Maddie Ziegler by featuring the young dancer in "Chandelier," explains a young warrior named Mahiro Takano captivated her from the get-go...even though Mahiro's just a normal kid, too.

"When you meet her, she's a regular nine-year-old who's into stickers and hair elastics," Sia says above. "And then you yell 'action!' and she starts her karate and it's like: holy f---!"

The video features Mahiro, whom director Daniel Askill describes as someone who "feels like she's a thousand years old," moving through a sweeping, abandoned warehouse and perfecting martial arts moves that would have Bruce Lee running for cover. And though she's confident in her technique, she's still sort of stumped as to how she landed on Sia's set.

"I have only been focused on my karate and being in tournaments, so I was surprised to be a part of this music video," she explains.

Oh, and if the video looks a bit familiar, Askill told Entertainment Weekly last week that he and Sia saw it as a potential extension of "Chandelier."

"I thought we were in some way finding a sort of nemesis or friend to Maddie, that maybe Maddie was someone in America who had been inspired by Sia’s music to make the choreography, and maybe in the Far East there was a counterpoint to Maddie—Mahiro."

Watch the whole video above, which also features an impromptu, a cappella rendition of "Alive" delivered by Sia via megaphone.

Yes, Sia has a face. It looks like this: