Mere hours after America watched Ellen Degeneres attempt to forcibly unmask unwig Sia on her show, the singer-songwriter performed "Alive"  anew, this time on The Voice.

Sadly, she didn't bring Maddie Ziegler or the adorable/powerful young martial artist that appears in her video — but what she lacked in special guest performers, she more than made up for with her acrobatic vocals. Wearing a black bow that's half as wide as she is tall (but the neck strain, Sia!), her voice cracked a couple of times as she hit the high notes on the chorus. But then, your pipes would be a smidge overworked too if you had to sing a song this rigorous twice in two days. I'd probably need to lie down after attempting it just once.

She dazzled nevertheless, as per usual, and though they were partially shrouded in darkness, the Voice judges' emotions while watching were evident.





Possible skepticism (alternate theory: Wondering which Culver City-area sushi place will be open after this).


Watch the performance below, and let us know what emotions it stirs in you, too. This Is Acting is expected for release on January 29, 2016.

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