The big day for eastern Iowa kids is just a month away! Sign up your kids today before prices increase Friday night at midnight.

It's the first-ever Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run in Cedar Rapids on Saturday, July 16. We'll have 11 giant inflatables ready for kids ages 3-12 along a course that's about 1.5 miles. Worried that your kids might not quite be able to make it? We've got a running lane for parents so you can keep an eye on 'em the entire way.

This course has just as many inflatables as the adult inflatable run last weekend but this time, it's only a mile-and-a-half route. Your kids will LOVE that... the more inflatables the better! Here's my favorite one on the entire route. It's the Tricky Truck. I know it's the big kid in me, but I'd love to try this one. You think they'll let me? Yeah, probably not. I bet I'm over the weight limit, by a bunch. Your kids will get to crawl up the truck's steps and then bounce and slide down the truck bed and onto more inflatable fun.

Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run

That's just one inflatable, there's still ten more. Show 'em all to your kids here and then be sure to sign up before that price increase. We'll see you July 16 at Hawkeye Downs for the biggest fun your kids will have all summer, the Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run!