Everyone was going nuts about a week ago waiting on Apple's big announcement, which we pretty much knew would be the iPhone 6.  And now, we're all going nuts as the phone comes out in just over a week.  But if you've ever tried to get an iPhone when it first comes out, you know it's quite the battle. Hopefully this will help.Unfortunately, as you're reading this, the pre-order period has already started, and with each passing minute, your chance of getting the version you want on release day is slipping away. So hopefully, you already know which one you want, so you won't have to wait in that insane line on release day.  Since pre-orders started at midnight PST, you might want to stop reading and go test your luck right now.

Still reading?  Did Apple sell-out already?  Don't forget to check your carrier's site too. They might still have some.  And your carriers have some pretty good deals they're pushing to help you get that phone for little to nothing down, no contract, and those monthly payments, whether it's Verizon Edge, AT&T Next, T-Mobile's "Simple Choice", or Sprint's new "iPhone for Life" plan.

As a last ditch effort, if both of those options have run out, you can try to pre-order through the major retailers, as their pre-sales started a bit later, and may save you some money over all, as the mass retailers usually do.

If all else fails, you can always wait in line (like these shoppers in London are already doing).  Have fun with that.

Oli Scarff - Getty Images

By the way, those who pre-ordered will have a new choice this year.  They can choose the usual and have the phone delivered.  But if that's not good enough, you can choose to pick up the phone in store, although to us, that kind of defeats the purpose.  Then again, we're not needing one that bad.  You can also get the phone in gray, silver, and gold, with varying prices depending if you want the 6 or 6 plus, with 16, 64, or 128 GB.  But again, getting it on your carriers plan will help level off the cost a bit.

As for what to do with your old phone, click the link to read the full article from TheVerge.