That time of year to "break" away from school, and maybe this winter misery, and think SPRING!  Most students get some kind of break from school for a week.  For college kids, the south is alluring (while their parents freak out back home).  But if the funds don't allow a southern retreat, there's plenty to enjoy right here.Was thumbing through the local stuff on the net the other day, and came across this great article from Kirkwood's Communique.  It's intended for those from out of town who attend Kirkwood, but might not get to head home for break.  It highlights ways they can enjoy CR during the week.  For example:

  • Quartermania, Glow-Bowl, and laser tag at Westdale Bowling Center
  • Taking in a flick at Collins Road Theater, while trying out their new seats!
  • Rough Riders games and open skate at the Ice Arena
  • A myriad of fun at Planet X, with mini golf, bumper cars, laser tag, and other games.
  • Great food at numerous local restaurants.
  • Numerous museums

While many of these things seem obvious to us, it does get you thinking... Next time you complain there's nothing to do, stop a sec and make a list, and you'll find it full pretty quick!

And if you don't like anything on the list, remember, there's always Spring Cleaning!

What's your favorite LOCAL thing to do?