It's time to separate the fair-weathered fans from the diehards: is your base the most loyal troupe of them all?

It's officially June, which means we're kicking off this year's Summer Fan Showdown, a competition to determine which fanbase ultimately reigns supreme all summer long. And this year's tournament promises to be especially fierce in a cross-cultural showdown, from the mighty BTS A.R.M.Y. to Lady Gaga's endlessly loyal Little Monsters. From girl groups to duos to solo acts, there's somebody here for everyone to stan.

Round 1 of the competition begins today (June 1) and ends on June 9 at midnight, Round 2 ends on June 16 at midnight, the semi-finals end on June 23 at midnight and the winner of the final showdown will be revealed on June 30.

Watch the teaser trailer above to find out who's up for the crown this year, and when you're ready, head to the voting pages for your faves below.

UPDATE: It's the semi-finals!